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Chanel CC Crystal Pearl Bracelet In Stock

60,00 AED 90,00 AED

Unleash the iconic allure of Chanel. This exquisite bracelet showcases the signature CC logo, meticulously crafted from Stainless and bathed in a radiant . But the true magic lies in the breathtaking interplay of light and texture. Each curve of the CC is adorned with sparkling crystals, their White shimmering like a constellation under the Parisian night sky. Nestled at the heart, a luminous pearl exudes a soft, moonlit glow, adding a touch of timeless sophistication.


The Chanel CC Crystal Pearl Bracelet is perfect for:

  • The classic souls: Those who appreciate timeless elegance and find beauty in simplicity.
  • The confident women: Those who own their voices, their space, and radiate a quiet self-assurance.
  • The ones who cherish moments: Those who understand the power of understated elegance and find beauty in the subtle details.
  • The Chanel devotees: Those who hold the house of Chanel close to their hearts and adore its iconic symbols.


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