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Earring Plated Glitter Sparkle Hoop In Stock

50,00 AED 85,00 AED

he modeilea Plated Glitter Sparkle Hoops – dancefloor dazzle in every curve.
Forget diamonds, these hoops are made of light! Crafted from Stainless plated in a mesmerizing layer of glittering golden, they ignite the night with every sway of your head. Get ready to be the radiant queen of the party, a constellation of disco dreams woven into your ears.


The modeilea Plated Glitter Sparkle Hoops are perfect for:

  • The disco queens: Those who live for the beat, whose laughter rings like a chorus, and whose smiles light up the dancefloor.
  • The playful souls: Those who embrace life’s unexpected sparkles, who find joy in the little things, and who can turn any room into a party.
  • The ones who dare to shine: Those who aren’t afraid to stand out, who color their world with their own unique sparkle, and who believe life is too short to play it safe.
  • The gift-giver: Share the gift of laughter, light, and disco dreams with a present that will turn any outfit into a celebration.


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