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Green-Eye stones Snake Zircon Earrings In Stock

70,00 AED 100,00 AED

The modeilea Green-Eyed Snake Zircon Earrings – a hypnotic whisper of emerald desire.
Forget damsels in distress, embrace your inner serpent queen with these captivating earrings. Each earring showcases a sinuous snake, crafted from Stainless and adorned with shimmering zircon stones in a mesmerizing shade of emerald green. Its hypnotic eyes, ablaze with , draw you in, whispering of forbidden desires and unapologetic confidence.


The modeilea Green-Eyed Snake Zircon Earrings are perfect for:

  • The free spirits: Those who break free from expectations and dance to their own rhythm.
  • The femme fatales: Those who know their power and wield it with effortless grace.
  • The ones who embrace transformation: Those who shed their skins and slither into new versions of themselves.
  • The gift-giver: Share the gift of confidence, intrigue, and emerald allure with a present that celebrates the intoxicating beauty of the serpent queen.


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