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Hip Hop zircon Modeilea set Out Of Stock

320,00 AED 475,00 AED

Where beats bump and bling shines: The Modeilea Hip Hop Zircon Set – a symphony of streetwise swagger and radiant fire, crafted for your every rhythm.
Forget predictable sparkle, embrace the unapologetic blaze of urban style with this electrifying set. A chunky chain necklace, forged from Golden Stainless , drapes confidently around your neck, culminating in a radiant medallion: a vibrant emblem of your tribe, set ablaze with the fiery dance of Shiny Zircon . Echoing the medallion’s beat, a matching bracelet and statement earrings pulse with the same captivating rhythm, ensuring your entire vibe shouts louder than the bassline.


The Modeilea Hip Hop Zircon Set is perfect for:

  • The rule breakers: Those who rewrite the definition of cool and find magic in the rebellious pulse of the city.
  • The trendsetters: Those who blaze their own trails and inspire others to embrace their unique fire.
  • The ones who cherish moments of authenticity: Those who appreciate the raw energy of the streets and find solace in the rhythm of their own beat.
  • The gift-giver: Share the gift of unapologetic swagger, boundless confidence, and a reminder to always let your inner fire shine with a present that celebrates the captivating allure of hip-hop and the defiant spirit that burns within.




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