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Modeilea Zircon Heart charm & pearl set In Stock

125,00 AED 200,00 AED

Modeilea Zircon Heart Charm & Pearl Set: Where Romance Meets Modernity
Embrace the timeless elegance of love with the Modeilea Zircon Heart Charm & Pearl Set. This captivating jewelry duo combines the delicate beauty of pearls with the mesmerizing sparkle of zirconia, creating a piece that’s both romantic and contemporary.

Indulge in:

Genuine freshwater pearls: Each pearl boasts a unique, lustrous sheen, adding a touch of organic elegance to the set.
Sparkling hand-cut zirconia: The heart-shaped charm shimmers with captivating brilliance, symbolizing love and affection.
High-quality craftsmanship: The set is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring lasting durability and a flawless finish


The delicate pearl bracelet features a single, shimmering pearl adorned with a sparkling heart-shaped charm, resting gracefully on your wrist. The matching necklace showcases a similar design, framing your décolletage with a touch of sophisticated romance.

Perfect for:

Adding a touch of timeless elegance to everyday outfits.
Gifting to a loved one for a romantic occasion, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.
Celebrating personal milestones or expressing your love and appreciation.




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