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smokey Perfume For men 80ML In Stock

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[Smoky] is an olfactory masterpiece that embodies the multifaceted nature of a modern gentleman, balancing confidence with intrigue, sophistication with sensuality, tradition with a hint of untamed spirit, and elegance with a touch of rugged wilderness.

This fragrance is perfect for the discerning man who seeks a scent that reflects his individuality, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the last note fades.

Embrace the captivating aroma of [Smoky] and discover the fragrance that embodies the essence of modern masculinity, where sophistication meets intrigue and confidence meets untamed desire.

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Top Notes:

  • Smoky Intrigue: A captivating blend of smoky notes, reminiscent of burning wood and smoldering incense, sets the stage for an olfactory journey of captivating depth and intrigue.

  • White Floral Charm: A delicate touch of white floral notes, including jasmine and tuberose, adds a hint of refinement and unexpected elegance, balancing the smoky intensity with a touch of masculine grace.

Mid Notes:

  • Leather Charm: The fragrance deepens with the introduction of rich leather notes, reminiscent of a well-worn leather jacket, exuding an aura of sophistication, masculinity, and timeless allure.

  • Earthy Depth: A touch of earthy vetiver and patchouli grounds the fragrance, providing a sense of stability, confidence, and an unwavering connection to the raw power of nature.

Base Notes:

  • Animalic Enchantment: The composition reaches its captivating crescendo with the introduction of subtle animalic notes, reminiscent of musk and amber, exuding an aura of mystery, sensuality, and raw attraction.

  • Mossy Enchantment: A hint of mossy notes adds a touch of untamed wilderness and earthy allure, reminiscent of a damp forest floor and ancient trees, creating a captivating contrast to the sophisticated leather and animalic nuances.


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