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Sun Necklace Evil Eye BLUE ZIRCON In Stock

65,00 AED 85,00 AED

Just advice for all your jewelry make it dry after shower or swim. And after used keep in box or plastic bag for longevity. Please protect all jewelry from chemicals, perfume, hair and body lotion to keep them bright and shiny for many years.

We offer a wide-range of pretty jewelry collections such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets.
All of jewelry are dainty, unique, classy and elegant. With a wide-range of choices, be sure you can find something that is excellent for the special occasions such as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, graduation gift, best friend gift, girl friend gift or gift for yourself.


The sun is a symbol for life, energy, light, power and the divine. The sun as a symbol shows up in every society, religion, and culture on Earth.
Evil eye keeps us safe from jealousy, harm and bad eyes energy so it give us protection and good luck.


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