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Warm Touch Perfume For Women 80ML In Stock

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[Warm Touch] is an olfactory masterpiece that embodies the multifaceted nature of a modern woman, balancing femininity with sensuality, elegance with intrigue, tradition with modernity, and sweetness with a touch of untamed allure.

This fragrance is perfect for the discerning woman who seeks a scent that reflects her individuality, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the last note fades.

Embrace the captivating aroma of [Warm Touch] and discover the fragrance that embodies the essence of modern femininity, where elegance meets intrigue and sweetness meets untamed allure.

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Top Notes:

  • A Symphony of Zesty Citrus: A burst of invigorating citrus notes, including bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit, awakens the senses with a wave of freshness and vitality, setting the stage for an olfactory journey of captivating contrasts.

  • Rose Petal Delights: A delicate blend of rose notes, reminiscent of velvety petals and blooming gardens, adds a touch of refined elegance, timeless grace, and captivating femininity.

Mid Notes:

  • Warm Spicy Intrigue: A touch of zesty pink pepper, warming cardamom, and a hint of ginger adds a layer of intrigue and sensuality, piquing curiosity and leaving a lingering trail of spicy warmth.

  • Amber Glow: A hint of amber adds a touch of luxurious warmth and a lingering glow that exudes sophistication and timeless allure.

Base Notes:

  • Woody Depth and Enigmatic Oud: The composition is grounded by the warm embrace of sandalwood and cedarwood, providing a sense of stability, confidence, and an unwavering connection to the earth. Meanwhile, a touch of oud, reminiscent of ancient woods and exotic spices, adds a hint of mystery, intrigue, and raw allure.

  • Animalic Enchantment: A subtle hint of animalic notes, reminiscent of musk and amber, exudes an aura of mystery, sensuality, and irresistible attraction, adding a touch of untamed allure to the feminine composition.

  • Powdery Charm: A delicate dusting of powdery iris and violet adds a touch of refined elegance and timeless charm, reminiscent of a vintage vanity table and delicate lace lingerie.

  • Leather Enchantment: A hint of leather notes, reminiscent of a well-worn leather jacket, adds an unexpected twist to the feminine composition, exuding an aura of sophistication, masculinity, and timeless allure.


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