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Wing Style Casting Crystal Earrings Out Of Stock

80,00 AED 120,00 AED

Take flight with your spirit: The [modeilea] Wing Style Casting Crystal Earrings – where ethereal allure meets fearless freedom.
These aren’t just earrings; they’re portals to your inner wild, whispers of untamed potential fluttering on your ears. Crafted with the delicate grace of wings in flight, [Stainless], they’re adorned with [Crystal stones], catching the light in a celestial dance.


The [Modeilea] Wing Style Casting Crystal Earrings are perfect for:

The dreamers: Those who chase the moon and dance with the stars, their hearts forever reaching for the sky.
The free spirits: Those who refuse to be caged, who live their lives on the edge of adventure and embrace the thrill of the unknown.
The ones who seek transformation: Those who believe in the power of change and are constantly evolving into their most radiant selves.
The gift-giver: Share the magic of flight and ignite the dreams of someone special with these enchanting earrings


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