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Zircon studded drop earrings In Stock

125,00 AED 200,00 AED

Dance with brilliance: The [Modeilea] Zircon Studded Drop Earrings – where fire meets grace in a celestial cascade.
Forget twinkling constellations; wear your own miniature fireworks close to your heart with these dazzling drop earrings. Each earring cascades with captivating zircon stones, meticulously set in Stainless, that catch the light like a celestial explosion, sending your every move shimmering with ethereal beauty.


The Modeilea Zircon Studded Drop Earrings are perfect for:

The life of the party: Those who bring sparkle and laughter to every room, their energy illuminating the night like their earrings.
The trendsetters: Those who love dramatic flair and unique pieces that make a statement.
The ones who celebrate joy: Those who believe in the power of a smile and who find beauty in the playful dance of light and color.
The gift-giver: Share the joy and brilliance of these earrings with someone special who deserves to light up the world.


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