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  • Cartier panther Bracelet

    The panther is a symbol of desire and fascination. It represents challenge, power and freedom. It is a piece...

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  • Fashion elegant romantic Rose round opal earrings

    Where whispers of romance bloom: The Modeilea Rose Round Opal Earrings - a symphony of timeless elegance and captivating...

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  • Heart Beat Necklace with Zircon

    The modeilea Heart Beat Necklace with Zircon - a rhythm of love frozen in time. Forget following the crowd, find...

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  • Long Chain Necklace Eagle Locket Steel

    Long chain: The necklace features a long chain that is perfect for layering with other necklaces or wearing on...

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  • Modeilea Evil Eye Necklace

    Ward off negativity and embrace your inner light: The Modeilea Evil Eye Necklace - a captivating shield of protection...

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  • Tiffany & Co Model XO Ring

    A love letter to modern romance: The Modeilea XO Ring - where minimalist whispers meet boundless devotion. Forget elaborate declarations,...

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    The Twisted Nail Bracelet is crafted from classic, clean lines provide that timeless feel. This modern twist (literally!) on an everyday...

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