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Tiffany & Co Model XO Ring In Stock

85,00 AED 125,00 AED

A love letter to modern romance: The Modeilea XO Ring – where minimalist whispers meet boundless devotion.

Forget elaborate declarations, this ring speaks volumes in its quiet confidence. Crafted from Stainless and stones zircon , its band gleams with the understated elegance of a whispered promise. Two delicate lines, intertwined like fingers in the twilight, form the iconic XO motif, a minimalist symbol of love’s enduring embrace.


The Modeilea XO Ring is perfect for:

The modern romantics: Those who believe love is found in stolen glances and shared smiles, their affection a quiet symphony playing only for each other.
The minimalists: Those who appreciate the beauty of clean lines and understated elegance, valuing simplicity as a form of sophistication.
The ones who celebrate devotion: Those who believe in the enduring power of commitment, their love story a tapestry woven with quiet moments and unwavering support.
The gift-giver: Share the whispers of love and the promise of forever with a gift that celebrates the beauty of modern romance in its purest form.


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