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Heart Beat Necklace with Zircon Out Of Stock

80,00 AED 110,00 AED

The modeilea Heart Beat Necklace with Zircon – a rhythm of love frozen in time.
Forget following the crowd, find your own rhythm with this captivating necklace. Crafted from Stainless, it showcases a delicate heart, its curves ablaze with [number] captivating zircon stones that dance with the light, mimicking the vibrant pulse of a passionate soul.


The modeilea Heart Beat Necklace with Zircon is perfect for:

The romantics: Those who believe in the magic of love, who dance in the rain and find beauty in the smallest gestures.
The passionate souls: Those who radiate warmth and enthusiasm, their laughter like sunshine on a cloudy day.
The ones who chase their dreams: Those who believe in the power of love and dedication, their hearts beating with relentless purpose.
The gift-giver: Share the magic of love and the fire of passion with a gift that celebrates the vibrant rhythm of a compassionate heart




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