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copper paperclip bracelet with carabiner lock, zircon snake In Stock

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This isn’t just a bracelet; it’s a rebellion against the ordinary, a celebration of individuality wrapped around your wrist. Crafted from stainless, it boasts a bold paperclip chain that breaks free from conformity, its edges catching the light with a rebellious glint.

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Where metal meets magic:

Stainless beauty: The unpolished Stainless chain shimmers with a unique warmth, its imperfections telling a story of authenticity and defiance. It patinas over time, developing a personalized character that reflects your journey.
A slithering zircon snake: Coiled around the chain, a glistening zircon snake adds a touch of danger and mystique. Its scales sparkle with hypnotic allure, reminding you to shed your skin and embrace your transformative power.
Carabiner closure: Secured with a rugged carabiner clasp, this bracelet is as reliable as it is bold. It speaks of a life lived on the edge, ready for any adventure that comes your way


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