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Crystal Zircon Pearl Earrings In Stock

85,00 AED 110,00 AED

Where pearls meet starlight: The [Modeilea] Crystal Zircon Pearl Earrings – a celestial dance of timeless elegance.
These aren’t just earrings; they’re a luminous waltz of opposites, where the cool shimmer of zircon meets the soft glow of pearl, whispering tales of moonlight on the ocean. Each earring is a miniature constellation, a miniature celestial ballet captured in precious stones.


The [modeilea] Crystal Zircon Pearl Earrings are perfect for:

The lovers of timeless elegance: Those who appreciate classic beauty and pieces that never go out of style.
The stargazers: Those who find solace in the night sky and dream of dancing among the constellations.
The ones who celebrate duality: Those who embrace their own multifaceted nature, a dance of strength and softness, fire and ice.
The gift-giver: Share the celestial magic and timeless beauty of these earrings with someone special who shines bright in your life


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