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Modeilea Full Zircon Crystal Bracelet & Necklace Set In Stock

115,00 AED 185,00 AED

Modeilea Full Zircon Crystal Bracelet & Necklace Set: Dazzle with Timeless Radiance
Immerse yourself in brilliance with the Modeilea Full Zircon Crystal Bracelet & Necklace Set. This captivating jewelry duo exudes sophistication and timeless elegance, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Unleash the magic of:

Sparkling, hand-cut zirconia crystals: Each meticulously crafted gem catches the light with mesmerizing fire, creating a dazzling display of brilliance.
High-quality, hypoallergenic metals: Choose from sleek stainless steel or luxurious rhodium plating for a flawless finish that’s gentle on your skin.
Delicate yet durable design: The bracelet and necklace boast a comfortable, lightweight construction that complements your every move without compromising on quality.


The bracelet’s delicate chain adorned with shimmering crystals effortlessly graces your wrist, while the matching necklace adds a touch of understated glamour, framing your décolletage with captivating sparkle.

Perfect for:

Adding instant sophistication to any outfit, from casual chic to formal attire.
Making a lasting impression at special occasions, prom nights, or weddings.
Gifting to someone special who appreciates timeless elegance and luxurious sparkle.
Available in a variety of finishes White & Multi color to perfectly match your unique style.

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White, multi colors




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